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Digital Web/Web Directions design competition update

You’ve got until just Monday to get your designs in for the Digital Web design a snowboard competition, to win a ticket to the conference, trips to Whister on the after conference ski trip, as well as a tonne of other great prices, including 50% off for life on Media Temple’s innovative new grid based […]

Web Directions North Affiliate Program

Want to come to Web Directions but not sure whether tyou have the budget? We’ve just made it a bit easier for you. We’ve created an opportunity for you to get yourself a free ticket, as well as hotel accomodation and places on the ski trip. Join our affiliate program and get 4 people to […]

Get creative and win a ticket to Web Directions North with Digital Web Magazine

Our very good friends over at Digital Web Magazine are giving away a ticket to the conference (including a post conference day skiing or snowboarding at Whistler), and two runner up prizes of a day’s skiing or boarding at Whistler. To win, submit your very own snowboard design! In the grand tradition of pro snowboarders […]

Announcing Webjam 2006 – December 12 at 6.00pm

Got a hankering to relive a bit of the Web Directions experience? Missed the conference but keen to stay in touch with the developer community? Like parties? Be there for Webjam on the evening of December 12. Brought to you by Sydney developers Anson Parker and Lachlan Hardy, Webjam will be a fast paced shoot-out […]

World Usability Day

Last year the usability community very cleverly started “World Usability Day” to promote the profession, practice, and importance of usability. This year, WUD is next week, November 14th, and Events are planned around the world, including in Sydney, at the State Library. The focus is communicating ways of improving the user experience of products and […]

Web Directions North – Super Early Bird Tickets Now Available

After months of feverish behind-the-scenes work, putting together a killer program, an amazing lineup of speakers, working on dates, venues, the site, a registration system and more, Web Directions North is now officially open for registrations. After a fantastic conference in Sydney, we are really excited to be bringing Web Directions to Vancouver. So until […]

More podcasts and resources online

As promised, as they come to hand, more of our podcasts are going online. We’ve just uploaded, Ben Barren’s “RSS will change everything” and Thomas Vander Wal’s “Information architecture for the come to me web”. Follow this link to subscribe to our RSS feed for the podcasts. We also have more and more slides from […]

Laurel Papworth – upcoming courses

One of the meany fabulous local speakers at Web Directions this year was Laurel Papworth (whose collection of user generated video content was fantastically entertaining, but whose presentation on building online communities was all the more interesting) is giving two courses in the coming weeks. If they look remotely relevant to what you are doing, […]

Web 2.0 T Shirt Competition – Winners!

We had to do a bit of deliberating on this, and between myself and John and REMO there was certainly some controversy. Thanks firstly to all those who entered, and all those who wore their t shirts to the conference. After many heated arguments and soul searching we decided that the most worthy was Anson […]

Podcasts and more coming online

Now we’ve all had a little time to recover after the whirlwind of the conference (one day I hope to be able to just relax and enjoy it) we are putting together the resources that emerged from all the marvellous speaker’s sessions. The first two of our podcasts, recorded and edited by Scott Bryant and […]

Announcing the McFarlane Prize winners

Last Thursday, at the end of day 1 of the conference, we announced the winners of the inaugural McFarlane Prize for Excellence in Australian Web Design. We were very honoured to have Nigel McFarlane’s parents at the ceremony, and the Prize was awarded by Nigel’s sister, Colleen. Congratulations to the web development team from Museum […]

Andy Clarke – Creating Inspired Design

A presentation given at Web Directions South, Sydney Australia, September 29 2006.

Andy Clarke Portrait

Designers are more than mere pixel pushers. The role of the creative designer working on the web has changed and will continue to change faster than ever before. In this session, Andy Clarke will discuss how designers should now play the pivotal part in the creation of engaging user experiences, binding together the roles of information architects, content authors and technical developers. It’s time to put designers in the hot seat.

Laurel Papworth – The business of online communities

A presentation given at Web Directions South, Sydney Australia, September 29 2006.

Laurel Papworth Portrait

It seems that everyone is talking about user generated content and online communities these days. But how will citizen journalism, user-generated content, the Blogosphere, tagging, ranking, and Wiki knowledge reshape branding and your business? How do you manage and scale this community and then hand control to your users (and how do you explain to the boss what you’ve just done?). Gain an understanding that dialogue is the new content and learn how to maximise the benefits (and minimise the pitfalls) of creating online communities in this presentation.

Ben Barren – RSS will change everything

A presentation given at Web Directions South, Sydney Australia, September 28 2006

RSS and syndication offer exciting new ways for organisations to manage information, communicate internally, and to reach out to their customers and stakeholders. Are you ready for this? A lot of product names are springing up in this space, but to make a great decision about what can happen in your organisation you need to understand the technology, its potential and challenges.

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