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Off to Perth again

Isn’t it funny how you will have never been to a particular city in your life, and then you find yourself going there twice in just a few months?

I had a great time checking out Perth and Margaret River back in August when the good people from Western Australian Web Awards were kind enough to ask me to be a judge, and then fly me over for the awards night.

I definitely wanted to get back and check out the city a bit more, but hadn’t thought the opportunity would present itself so soon. Then via Nick Cowie’s blog, I read about Byte Me! – a very cool looking festival of digital content happening in Perth from December 2-9. I’m always interested in art on the digital frontiers, and have been thinking a bit about the intersection of what we still call "new media" (though that term always gives me a wry grin) and what we in the web world call Web 2.0. And I’m an impulsive person, so I booked a flight.

I’m especially excited about seeing Solu – who’s going to be doing a free Live Cinema performance at a yet to be disclosed CBD location at dusk on Saturday December 1. Keep an eye on the blog for details. If you’ve never seen any live cinema (I haven’t), I think it sounds like something to check out. From Solu’s site:

Live Cinema today stands for the simultaneous creation of sound and image in real time by sonic and visual artists who collaborate on equal terms and with elaborate concepts. The traditional parameters of narrative cinema are expanded by a much broader conception of cinematographic space, the focus of which is no longer the photographic construction of reality as seen by the camera’s eye, or linear forms of narration. The term "Cinema" is now to be understood as embracing all forms of configuring moving images, beginning with the animation of painted or synthetic images.

There’s a whole heap of great free and paid for events on the program – good old Perth, punching above it’s weight yet again :)

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