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Jeremy Yuille – Web visualisation: do you see what I see?

A presentation given at at Web Directions User Experience, Melbourne Town Hall, May 16 2008.

Presentation slides

Session description

The web is packed with information and knowledge, but too often our efforts to understand what’s important or relevant are stymied by antiquated methods of presentation. At the same time, more and more libraries, widgets and services are being released to help us present information visually. Problem solved? Not really.

In this session Jeremy Yuille from ACID looks at information visualisation from a user experience perspective, overviewing new and old examples and how they can help (or hinder) the experience of using the web. You’ll see what kinds of amazing things you can do within the browser platform these days. More importantly you’ll learn why (and when) you’d want to use visualisation at all.

About Jeremy Yuille

Jeremy Yuille PortraitJeremy Yuille is a senior lecturer in Communication Design, digital media artist and interaction designer specializing in interactive audio visual systems. He has a background in Architecture, web design, music, and a masters exploring interactive sound designfrom RMIT’s Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory.

Jeremy manages the Multiuser Environments program at ACID, the Australasian CRC for Interaction Design, researching Interaction Design (IxD) for remote presence and socially driven knowledge environments. On faculty at RMIT Communication Design, he coordinates IxD undergrad initiatives, supervises graduate students in research projects involving IxD and other related design fields. He is also a director and secretary of the Interaction Design Association.

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