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Doug Schepers – SVG Today and Tomorrow

Web Directions @media 2010, Southbank Centre London, June 10 10.45am.

Presentation slides

These slides are available on the W3C website. In a masterstroke of self-referential genius, Doug’s slides are in fact all created in SVG itself, so it may in fact be a little difficult to piece them together with the podcast. This was an amazing presentation though – you’ll have to be there next time :).

Session description

Thought SVG was dead? Think again. Once relegated to plug-in status, Scalable Vector Graphics is now spreading rapidly, in browsers, mobiles, and even televisions, with broad native support and graphical script libraries. It’s used on major websites like Wikipedia, Google Docs, and the Washington Post. Whether images or apps, standalone or integrated into HTML, CSS, or Canvas, SVG is a powerful tool in a developer or designer toolkit. With full scripting support, animations, and advanced visual effects, SVG lets you reuse skills you already have. Learn how to use SVG to best effect to add standards-based bling to your webapp or site, see what works and what to avoid, and glimpse where the future lies.

About Doug Schepers

Doug Schepers PortraitDoug Schepers works for the W3C as the Rich Web Clients Activity Lead, and the Team Contact for the SVG and WebApps Working Groups, and participates in several other groups, including HTML and OWEA. He is an editor of the Element Traversal, DOM3 Events, and SVG specifications, and co-chairs the SVG Interest Group. Before joining the W3C Team, he has been a long-time developer of Web applications, with a focus on SVG. Doug works from home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.

Follow Doug on Twitter: @shepazu

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this was a masterfully curated event … a brilliant day that educated, entertained, and rekindled some old connections

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