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Matt Hobbs

How to read a WebPageTest waterfall chart

Matt Hobbs Head of Frontend UK Government Digital Service

WebPageTest is one of the most well known and important tools in the web performance community. It's been actively developed by Pat Meenan since he worked at AOL in 2008. It has become the go to tool for both very simple to very advanced debugging of the web performance of a website. One of its most well known charts is the waterfall chart.

In this talk I'm going to introduce the waterfall chart and also go into detail on how you can examine and read it. The more you understand about the chart, the the more WebPageTest as a whole will be able to help you fix a slow performing website.

Matt Hobbs

Matt Hobbs is Head of Frontend Development at the UK Government Digital Service. An experienced frontend developer, he is passionate about using his skills to build accessible and performant user interfaces.

Matt makes a point of keeping on top of the latest technology and tools, is interested in all aspects of interface development, and is a keen advocate for best practices.

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All about front end performance

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