Jess Budd

Jess Budd Senior Software Engineer Hireup

Making Single Page Apps accessible - it's easier than you think

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Making Single Page Apps accessible - it's easier than you think

Javascript frameworks get a bad rap when it comes to accessibility. But it’s easier than you think to make your JS applications accessible!

Accessible websites benefit not only people with disabilities, but improve the user experience for everyone. Follow me on a journey exploring techniques and approaches you can use to improve your projects today. We’ll look at specific code examples to address things like div soup, focus management and visibility, routing and meta data control.

We won’t just describe the issues, we'll cover how to address them as well. You’ll walk away knowing how to ensure your website or application is accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Jess Budd

Jess is a Senior Software Engineer at Hireup, a platform that connects thousands of Australians with a disability to local support workers. Having worked in government, not-for-profit health, and accessibility, Jess is passionate about using technology as a force for good.

She demonstrates her passion by spending her time volunteering, mentoring and supporting tech communities to learn more about accessibility and when she isn't writing, speaking or tweeting about tech, you’ll find her putting together lego or walking with her dog Leo.

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