Jake Ginnivan

Jake Ginnivan Principal Consultant Arkahna

SPAs: where did it all go wrong

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SPAs: where did it all go wrong

Single page apps (SPA's) have become a very popular way to build web applications. They offer incredible developer experience and allow the web to become far more ‘app like’ than ever before.

There is one problem with SPAs though; they actually suck.

In this talk I will take you on a practical deep dive show you how we can do better than the SPA model. We'll revisit our roots in traditional web apps and learn how we can use the same motivations that made SPA's so popular and re-apply them in a way that will make the web a better place.

Jake Ginnivan

Jake serves as a Principal Consultant at Arkahna and the Director of Technology for DDD Perth. Previously he helped build Seven West Media's new digital news platform including 7news.com.au.

A seasoned software developer, teacher, international speaker, open source contributor and maintainer, he is always looking for better ways to build software and the why behind the things we do. Jake balances his professional pursuits with playing ice hockey and raising his incredible daughter.

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