Ben Schwarz

Ben Schwarz Founder, CEO Calibre

The State of front end performance

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The State of front end performance

Since the arrival of Core Web Vitals, understanding and optimizing front end performance has never been more critical.

So Ben Schwarz whose life revolves around performance will shed light on the current state of front end performance, focusing on central metrics and the latest developments in performance measurement and enhancement, particularly Core Web Vitals (CWV) with an emphasis on Interaction to Next Paint (INP) as the latest metric to watch.

Drawing on extensive data, Ben will identify common pitfalls in performance optimization efforts and provide actionable insights for teams to track, avoid, or rectify these issues, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Ben Schwarz

Ben is the founder and CEO of Calibre. He uses his experience in far-reaching Open Source projects and web standards to build tools for a better, more accessible web

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