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Web Directions Lazy Load ’21 session spotlight–What’s New at the W3C Web Performance Working Group?

What’s New at the W3C Web Performance Working Group?

Nic Jansma, Nicolás Peña Moreno, Senior Principal Lead Software Engineer, Engineer Akamai, Google Chrome

We’ll discuss what the goals of the W3C WebPerf Working Group are, the browser standards we help design, the latest proposals / incubations for the future, and how you can participate!

About Nic Jansma, Nicolás Peña Moreno

Nic Jansma is a Co-Chair of the W3C WebPerf WG, and is a software developer at Akamai building high-performance websites, apps and open-source tools

Nicolás (@NicPenaM) is a software developer currently working on Google Chrome’s Speed Metrics team. He’s an active member of the W3C Web Performance Working Group and a spec editor of various web performance APIs that have shipped in Chrome. He was born and raised in Colombia, and lives in Canada.

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