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Video of the Week: Dan Hon–An Internet for Humans Too

One of our most popular presentations at any event ever was Dan Hon’s “An Internet for Humans Too” at Web Directions 2014. A deep and rich meditation on many things, Dan argues that designing an internet of things that’s for humans means understanding what the empathy gap is. It’s the gap in understanding between an organization and its audience. This session is the story of how, whilst a more connected world means more things, we should remember to design those things, products and services to understand us.

We’re incredibly excited to have Dan return to Australia for Transform, our Government Digital Service Delivery focussed event in Canberra in May 2016.

Watch this presentation, and if you work in or with Government at any level, you should come and hear him speak at Transform.

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Out of any conference, Web Directions is far and away our favourite

Dave Greiner Founder, Campaign Monitor