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State of (Mobile) Web Development Report

We’ve just published the first “State of (Mobile) Web Development” Report, analysing the results of our recent survey of over 1,300 developers.
In previous years, we’ve published a single report covering the entire survey, but this year, with the rise in interest in HTML5 and mobile development, we’re also publishing this more focussed report. We’ll be following it up with the complete report in the coming weeks.

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Some Key Findings

  • 2010 saw an explosion of interest and activity by developers in HTML5, and developing native apps for mobile platforms like iOS and Android using web technologies.
  • Android gains dramatically on iPhone as developers’ regular mobile browsing platform
  • There is a correlation between the devices and platforms developers use, and those they develop for.
  • Web site testing across a wide range of mobile devices jumps significantly.
  • JQuery Mobile leads from JQTouch and SenchaTouch in a still immature mobile frameworks market place.
  • Three quarters of respondents expressed an interest in developing native apps using web technologies in the coming year, with 30% likely to do so.
  • iPhone, iPad, along with Android phones and tablets all show strong interest from developers, while other platforms have their work cut out to woo web developers.
  • Web developers express confidence in developing native apps using HTML5, with reservations about application performance and user experience.

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The survey was conducted by Web Directions, and supported in part by WAC, Sencha and Microsoft.

Contents: Report Introduction Browsers HTML5 Native Apps Platform Choice The Wrap

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