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Our first speakers for Code, returning to Melbourne in June

Today we’re also announcing the first half dozen of what will be nearly 30 speakers in total, experts who’ll help ensure you and your team are at the top of your game.

Now double the content with two big tracks!
The always popular front end development focussed Code returns with not one but two tracks.

  • Front of the front end covers CSS, JavaScript, the React ecosystem, browser APIs and more.
  • Back of the front end focusses on platform engineering, security, performance, engineering practice and more.

Kenneth Rohde Christiansen

Web Platform Architect, Intel Corporation

A former member of the W3C Technical Architecture Group, responsible for charting the technical direction of the Web, Kenneth helps define Intel’s strategy and plans regarding the Web Platform, as well as puts it into action. He plays a key role in Project Fugu.

Beyond the web of today

Kenneth will look at where the Web is headed next, and APIs like WebNN, Web GPU and Compute Pressure.

Nishu Goel

Software Engineer, epilot GmbH

Nishu is the author of the book Angular Routing and the JavaScript chapter of the 2021 Web Almanac. A Microsoft MVP and Google Developer Expert, she works with epilot GmbH on their micro-frontend architecture.

Breaking up long tasks

Nishu will dive deeper into ways of improving the potential next CWV–”Interaction to Next paint”–of a page, one of several presentations focussed on performance at Code

We’re also excited to announce

  • Serg Hospodarets, who’ll consider how we’re seeing a transition from the era of Front-End DevOps to Platform Engineering, and the implications, opportunities and challenges for front end teams.
  • Hia Fish, Senior DevOps Engineer at Wix, who’ll tech us how to walk the talk of incident management.
  • Divya Mohan from SUSE who’ll look at WebAssembly inside and beyond the browser.
  • Anirudh Sharma, part of TensorFlow.js Working Group, who’ll give us an in-depth overview of the JavaScript engine and learn how this knowledge can help you as a developer to write more optimized JavaScript code

Plus nearly two dozen more to be announced shortly…..

Save on Super early bird tickets

Super early bird tickets are available til March 31st, and we’ve kept ticket prices the same as 2019!

So keep yourself and your team up to date with key technologies and practices in front end development, with leading experts from around the country and the world at Code 2023.


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