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Idea of the Week: Web Directions Alumni

Those of you who have seen the Scroll Magazine we produced for our Code 16 conference (and if you haven’t, you should) will have noticed that we published a list of all our speakers and their topics at previous Code conferences.

That resulted in a list of 80+ presentations and a bit of a who’s who of web coding, programming, engineering over the preceding five years. We’ve reproduced the list below.

Now, when it came to Direction 16, we had to decide how we would handle this idea, if at all.

Long story short, we decided we would do it, so the Direction 16 edition of Scroll has a pretty amazing list of over 300 presentations from 2006 to 2015, but this time sorted in alphabetical order of speaker name so it’s easy to see who has addressed the conference more than once.

As a point of curiosity, there’s just one speaker who has given five talks at Web Directions during that period. Care to guess?

In any case, have a browse of our previous Code speakers below and make sure you get a copy of the Direction 16 edition of Scroll – all conference and workshop attendees receive a free print edition (88 bound pages of articles and interviews with full colour photos and illustrations) while it will also be available for digital download post-conference.


Speaker Name (Year) Topic

Alex Russell (2015) What comes next for the Web Platform?

Rachel Nabors (2015) State of the Animation

Alex Sexton (2015) Current best practice in front end ops

Clark Pan (2015) ES6 Symbols, what they are and how to use them

Ben Teese (2015) A Deep-Dive into ES6 Promises

James Hunter (2015) Async and await

Alex Mackey (2015) JavaScript numbers

Andy Sharman (2015) Classing up ES6

Jess Telford (2015) Scope Chains & Closures

Kassandra Perch (2015) Stop the Fanaticism – using the right tools for the job

Mark Nottingham (2015) What does HTTP/2 mean for Front End Engineers?

Mark Dalgleish (2015) Dawn of the Progressive Single Page App

Elijah Manor (2015) Eliminate JavaScript Code Smells

Domenic Denicola (2015) Async Frontiers in JavaScript

Chris Roberts (2015) Getting offline with the Service Worker

Simon Knox (2015) Crossing the Streams

Jonathon Creenaune (2015) Back to the future with Web Components

Rhiana Heath (2015) Pop-up Accessibility

Warwick Cox (2015) Console dot

Simon Swain (2015) Canvas Cold War

Raquel Vélez (2014) You can do what with math now?

Alex Feyerke (2014) Offline First: faster, more robust and more fun (web) pages

Ryan Seddon (2014) Web Components: the future of web dev

Rod Vagg (2014) Embrace the asynchronous

Fiona Chan (2014) The declarative power of CSS selectors

Ben Birch (2014) When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail

Ben Schwarz (2014) CSS Variables

Mark Dalgleish (2014) Taking JavaScript out of context

Rob Manson (2014) The Augmented Web is now a reality

Damon Oehlman (2014) Streaming the Web (it’s not what you think)

Barbara Bermes (2014) A publisher’s take on controlling 3rd party scripts

Paul Theriault (2014) Taking front-end security seriously

Jared Wyles (2014) On readable code

Mark Nottingham (2014) What’s happening in TLS (transport layer security)?

Andrew Fisher (2014) A Device API Safari

Alex Mackey (2014) Harden up for ajax!

Allen Wirfs-Brock (2014) ECMAScript 6: A Better JavaScript for the Ambient Web Era

Tantek Çelik (2014) The once and future IndieWeb

Dmitry Baranovskiy (2014) You Don’t Know SVG

Angus Croll (2013) The politics of JavaScript

Jeremy Ashkenas (2013) Taking JavaScript seriously with backbone.js

Alex Danilo (2013) Create impact with CSS Filters

Julio Cesar Ody (2013) What’s ECMAScript 6 good for?

Glen Maddern (2013) JavaScript’s slightly stricter mode

Nicole Sullivan (2013) The Top 5 performance shenanigans of CSS preprocessors

Tony Milne (2013) Making and keeping promises in JavaScript

Cameron McCormack (2013) File > Open: An introduction to the File API

Silvia Pfeiffer (2013) HTML5 multi-party video conferencing

Elle Meredith (2013) Source Maps for Debugging

Jared Wyles (2013) See the tries for the trees

Garann Means (2013) HTML, CSS and the Client-Side App

Michael Mahemoff (2013) What every web developer should know about REST

Mark Nottingham (2013) HTTP/2.0: WTF?

Ryan Seddon (2013) Ghost in the Shadow DOM

Troy Hunt (2013) Essential security practices for protecting your modern web services

Marc Fasel (2013) Put on your asynchronous hat and node

Alex Mackey (2013) Typescript and terminators

Aaron Powell (2013) IndexedDB, A database in our browser

Andrew Fisher (2013) The wonderful-amazing-orientation-motion-sensormatic machine

Chris Ward (2013) Test, tweak and debug your mobile web apps with ease

Steven Wittens (2013) Making things with maths

Faruk Ates (2012) The Web’s Third Decade

Divya Manian (2012) Designing in the browser

John Allsopp (2012) Getting off(line): appcache, localStorage and more for faster apps that work offline

Dave Johnson (2012) Device APIs-closing the gap between native and web

Damon Oehlman (2012) HTML5 Messaging

Silvia Pfeiffer (2012) Implementing Video Conferencing in HTML5

Max Wheeler (2012) Drag and Drop and give me twenty

Anson Parker (2012) The HTML5 History API: PushState or bust!

Tammy Butow (2012) Fantastic forms for mobile web

Andrew Fisher (2012) Getting all touchy feely with the mobile web

Rob Hawkes (2012) HTML5 technologies and game development

Jed Schmidt (2012) NPM: Node’s Personal Manservant

Dmitry Baranovskiy (2012) JavaScript: enter the dragon

Anette Bergo (2012) Truthiness, falsiness and other JavaScript gotchas

Ryan Seddon (2012) Debugging secrets for the lazy developer

Jared Wyles (2012) Removing the dad from your browser

Mark Dalgleish (2012) Getting Closure

Tony Milne (2012) Party like it’s 1999, write JavaScript like it’s (2012)!

Tim Oxley (2012) Clientside templates for reactive UI

Damon Oehlman (2012) The mainevent: Beyond event listeners

Dave Johnson (2012) Building Native Mobile Apps with PhoneGap and HTML5

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