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Geek Girl Dinner – tips and resources for aspiring presenters

How to get the opportunity to speak at an event

  • don’t be afraid to put your hand up!
  • research previous events and come up with something appropriate for the event

How to endear yourself to the event organiser

  • be an awesome correspondent!
  • read all the info you receive about your role in the event carefully – and ask questions if they haven’t been answered (where do I have to be? when do I have to be there? who do I report to? what resolution will the projector be? how long should I speak for? See the resources in the final section below for a couple of great blog posts that will give you countless questions like this).
  • be reliable (be where you are meant to be at the time you are meant to be there; get there early; get an emergency contact number before the event; have some contingency plans for getting to the venue – again see the links in the resources section below for much more practical advice like this)

After the presentation

Do as much as is feasible to maximise the chance of ongoing engagement after the presentation.

Events to approach about presenting

Meetup groups

These are a fantastic way of getting your foot in the door and your name out there. Go along to a few first, get to know the organiser, and then propose a session.

And then something Web Directions has coming up on April 4 is What Do You Know – we’ll definitely be looking for presenters!

Technology specific events
Professional industry events
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