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August de los Reyes , principal experience architect for Surface, our final keynote presenter for 2008

Unless you have been asleep for the last 2 years or so, then you’ll almost certainly have heard of two pieces of technology.
The iPhone is one of course, but also getting people everywhere excited has been Surface, the table top based, muti-user, multi-touch device from Microsoft.

Right now, probably half the audience at Web Directions South will have an iPhone – but most of us will never have even seen a living breathing Surface.

Now, we can’t promise you a surface at WDS (we are trying our hardest though), but we can promise you a keynote by August de los Reyes, the principal experience architect for Surface, responsible for mapping out the strategic design, industrial design and design vision that users will experience.

With considerable experience at companies like Philips Design and Eastman Kodak, and a guest faculty member at the University of Washington in their graduate design program, August is a word leader in user experience and industrial design. It is an enormous privilege for us to have him speak at Web Directions South, and we hope you will be excited as we are to see him deliver the closing keynote presentation on day 1 – Predicting the Past: Emotional Design and a Vision for Microsoft Surface.

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Thanks for an amazing few days Web Directions. So many great themes of empathy, inclusion, collaboration, business impact through design, and keeping our future deeply human.

Laura van Doore Head of Product Design, Fathom