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Announcing the Code Leaders ’22 program

In 2017 we introduced a new conference, Code Leaders, to run alongside our front end developer focussed Code conference. With our return to in-person events with Web Directions Summit later this year, we felt it made a lot of sense to host Code Leaders along side it as well.

With a focus on “creating world class engineering teams and cultures” Code Leaders was very popular from the get go, and a little different from our other conferences, with an emphasis not just on the content, but also conversation, connection and shared learning among attendees.

It is designed to encourage attendees to share experiences and ideas–after all, who better to learn from than folks with similar professional experiences and challenges to you?

Code Leaders returns Wednesday, November 30, the day before Web Directions Summit, at the ICC Sydney.

Today we’re excited to announce the program, with a mixture of sessions focussed on your own capabilities as a leader and manager, building and developing your team and engineering organisation, and of course the technical landscape.

The Code Leaders 2022 Program

Across the day we’ll cover you, your team and developments in technology.

  • In our opening morning session we’ll focus on you as a leader, with David Lewis drawing lessons from stoic philosophy, Philip Boardman sharing how mentoring can help the transition from IC to management, and Stefano Fratini considering the challenges of managing mangers.
  • After some amazing coffee (or tea, or water) we focus on building your team and its capabilities. Gretchen Scott looks at career growth frameworks and how they can help retain and develop your people, Chris Modica shares ideas on how to scale and grow your engineering organisation, and Tanya Pelley delivers a playbook on effective one to ones.
  • After a fully catered lunch we then look at the big picture–Sebastiano Armeli a senior engineering manager at Pinterest sheds some light on the difference between Mission, Strategy, Roadmap, KPIs and OKRs, and how they all correlate, while Director of Engineering Enablement Paul Hughes describe techniques leaders can use when trying to maximise the potential of people in their team.
  • And we wrap up the day with some key technical insights into the direction the Web platform is headed, with Penelope McLachlan, Senior Product Manager responsible for permissions, notifications, and progressive web apps at Google Chrome, and on the state of Web performance with the renowned Henri Helvetica.

Code Leaders + Summit

Attend Code Leaders, plus Summit,  for a very special price (and a bunch of extras)

Code Leaders Conference
Web Directions Summit
Summit & Code Leaders Videos
Conffab Presentation Library

$1995 super early bird ends Sept 30
$2195 early bird ends Oct 28
$2395 standard

Code Leaders

Attend Code Leaders, and get all the videos as well!

Code Leaders Conference
Code Leaders Videos

$795 super early bird ends Sept 30
$895 early bird ends Oct 28
$995 standard

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Thoroughly enjoyed Web Directions — met some great people, heard some inspiring presenters and added a whole bunch of things to my to-do list.

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