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20 beautiful examples of “Snowfall” style interactive storytelling

Yesterday an article on Medium, Snowfallen, caught my eye. It’s about a technique for presenting longform writing online, by embellishing it with integrated multimedia elements, gorgeous photography, infographics and so on. It’s like taking an article that might have appeared as a slab of 7500 words in The New Yorker, and giving it the kind of treatment you would expect in National Geographic or Scientific American. The writer of the article is asking whether for all the razzle-dazzle, anyone actually reads the writing, which is fair enough. But in these TL;DR days when long form writing needs all the help it can get, surely it’s worth the experiment.

So if you get the chance to have a bit of fun with doing something like this yourself, here’s 20 beautiful examples for your inspiration!

Snow Fall

This was the site that started it all, thus the name for the style, “snowfalling”.

Daft Punk Random Access Memories feature at Pitchfork

Bat for Lashes feature at Pitchfork


This Guardian story about the Tasmanian bush fires really pushes the limits of what is primarily a reading experience, as opposed to watching and listening.

Dock Ellis

The Web Video Problem

This site has a slightly different agenda to the others. Rather than being educational, it’s trying to convince you of a point of view: another type of site that it might be fun to use the technique with.

Rethinking retirement

Berry can Aerle

Human Cannonballs

The Promise

The Inside Story of Pong

Out in the Great Alone

I love the way they use the map in this one.

Who can stop these adorable pigs?

Surely one of the best article titles ever?

Martin Luther King Jr: the last 32 hours

The town that wouldn’t disappear

I love the subtle use of sound and the gently waving eucalyptus leaves in the opening screen on this one.

The Dangers of Fracking

An example of the snowfalling technique used to educate for political purposes.

The prophets of oak ridge

Michael Jordan has not left the building

Unpromised land

Wrapper’s Delight

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