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Is your website greenhouse friendly?

Carbon offsetting and green energy are ideas that have really gained traction over the last 8 months or so.

Have you considered the impact your website activities might be having on the environment?

Perhaps your website is already hosted on a green server powered by renewable energy or with a hosting company that has offset its carbon emissions using abatement certificates – Web Directions largely uses Pair Networks, who do just this.

An alternative is to calculate your website or blog’s carbon footprint and to purchase and surrender the required offsets from other greenhouse friendly activities. This is what Energy Today, a new Australian website for energy professionals has done. They have also set up a service called W3Green to help make it easy for others who are interested in being green. You can find out how they calculated the carbon cost associated with the Energy Today website, and the difficulties they experienced in Forgive us for our carbon sins.

Interestingly, your carbon footprint is influenced by where your website is hosted. Full credit to anyone whose site is hosted in Tasmania, as the power used is largely hydro and much cleaner than in NSW or Victoria.

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