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The Mediated Web by Rupert Manfredi at Web Directions Summit 2023

The Mediated Web

Large language models have the potential to hugely shift what it means to interact with a web browser. Here’s a prediction: the web will soon be mediated by agents, not just rendered by web browsers. Every user will have their own AI interpreting information for them, and executing tasks on their behalf.

What does this mean now, and what does it mean for the future of the web? This talk at Web Directions 2023 delves into what a mediated web might look like, and how it could impact the internet ecosystem.

About Rupert Manfredi

Rupert is a designer and programmer, currently working on the future of human-computer interfaces at Adept. He’s passionate about the open web, and a world in which personal computing is more humane and accessible for all.

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Rupert Manfredi
Design, Adept


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