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Wayne Thompson

Designing OneABC, a typeface for Australia

Wayne Thompson Type Designer

How do you design your country’s national font? Wayne was asked to do this by the ABC, Australia’s most trusted media brand. They set out to create a font family that unifies the ABC's digital presence across multiple platforms, while also being best-in-class for legibility and accessibility.

It’s designed to replace the thousands of font configurations in use across the ABC, allow for a proud, uniquely Australian typographical expression, and align with their charter to deliver content that contributes to our national identity. Wayne’s here to tell you about the project which consumed him for over a year.

Wayne Thompson

Fascinated by letters since he was a teenager, Wayne began with rub-down lettering and worked as a signwriter, photographer and journalist before settling into the design profession in the – *ahem* – late 1980s. After many years as Art Director, Wayne started Australian Type Foundry in 2001 and works full-time as a type designer, handletterator (technical term) and typography educator. He’s been running the popular Type by Hand series of handlettering workshops for several years, punishing the nation with his lame jokes like this one: Did you hear about the conservative Maltese guy who wanted to save all the fish? He built a Maltese Tory Carp Ark.

To date, Wayne has produced custom typefaces for Animal Logic, Officeworks, Public Transport Victoria, Holden and O’Brien Glass, and spent much of 2016 developing a custom type family for ABC which is currently being implemented across its digital and television networks. He also enjoys working for smaller clients such as a micro brewery who paid him in beer.

Wayne’s aim is to always learn more about typography, and hopefully contribute an Aussie flavour to the world of type design. Wayne has never won any awards.

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What is Respond?

Australia's Front End design conference, now in Sydney and Melbourne

Now in its fourth year, and curated by John Allsopp, cited by Ethan Marcotte as one of the originators of Responsive design, Respond goes beyond the technology, to address the myriad challenges we face in delivering modern, responsive Web experiences.

Featuring a mix of renowned international and local speakers, Respond is one of the World's leading events for the Web industry.

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