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Tom Hughes-Croucher – An introduction to server-side JavaScript

Web Directions @media 2010, Southbank Centre London, June 11 11.45am.

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Session description

Server-side JavaScript has really started to take off, with a number of great projects providing different pieces of the puzzle. This talk will introduce server-side JavaScript and provide an overview of the existing projects as well as some ideas about where it’s all going in the future.

Tom will look at how the various JavaScript runtimes, such as V8 and Rhino, affect development and provide their own unique features. You’ll also see the standardisation effort of Common.js and why it’s shaping how people write server-side JavaScript.

All the leading SSJS frameworks – Node.js, Narwhal, Jaxer – will be discussed as well as some more quirky uses of JavaScript on the server such as CouchDB and YQL.

About Tom Hughes-Croucher

Tom Hughes-Croucher PortraitTom Hughes-Croucher is an Evangelist and Senior Developer in Yahoo’s Open Strategy Group, focusing on Yahoo¹s Web Services and Cloud Platform.

Tom joined Yahoo! to work on the Yahoo! frontpage in Europe as a Front end engineer. He brought his experience from contributing to a number of Web standards for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the British Standards Institute (BSI).

Before joining Yahoo! he helped build the online music stores for some of the UK’s largest brands including Tesco, Three Telecom and Channel 4.

Follow Tom on Twitter: @sh1mmer

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