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Silvia Pfeiffer – HTML5 Audio and Video

Web Directions South 2010, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, October 14 10.45am.

Presentation slides

The slides are available on Silvia’s website.


Session description

With three different audio and video codec formats each supported by the diverse HTML5 capable Web browsers, plus the need to deal with fallback for older browsers, HTML5 media is not the simple solution we have all been hoping for. But on the other hand, HTML5 media will make your life easier, since it offers some features that are hard to get with traditional Adobe Flash, such as a standardised JavaScript API, integrated CSS support, and built-in support for accessibility and internationalisation through captioning, subtitling, and audio descriptions. Additionally, devices such as the iPhone and iPad will only support HTML5 media and not Flash. So for any serious practitioner it’s a technology you can no longer ignore. W3C invited expert Silvia Pfeiffer will talk through the big issues on this important topic.

About Silvia Pfeiffer

Silvia Pfeiffer PortraitDr Silvia Pfeiffer has worked on novel media technology for more than 15 years and is an internationally renowned expert in new Web video standards. Silvia completed her PhD in Mannheim, Germany, on audio-visual content analysis. She then spent 7 years at the CSIRO developing new video technology for the Web in the “Annodex” project. In 2007, she co-founded Australian video company Vquence which offers consulting and technology services for Web 2.0 video.

Silvia is now an invited expert on four W3C video-related working groups. She is making contributions to the new audio and video elements in HTML5, to media annotation standards, to media fragment addressing via URIs, and to video accessibility technology for hearing and seeing-impaired people (captions, audio annotations etc).

Speaker photo: (C) Alice Boxhall

Follow Silvia on Twitter: @silviapfeiffer

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