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Luke Stevens – Data driven design

Web Directions South 2009, Sydney Convention Centre, October 9 2.40pm.

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Far from being the enemy, data can be a designer’s best friend. So much so that it just might be the backbone of the next evolution of web design. Data doesn’t mean less creativity and experimentation, it means more. We’ve learned how to design sites that look good, and we know how to mark up our pages with web standards. Now it’s time to figure out what performs best.

In this session you’ll learn not just the fundamental concepts of this ‘new web design’, but how you can get started with data-driven design using free tools that are available right now. If you’ve reached a point where you know how to design and build attractive, standards-based web sites and are wondering what comes next, this is the session for you.

About Luke Stevens

Luke Stevens PortraitLuke Stevens is a freelance, Sydney-based web designer with clients in the US, UK and locally in Australia. He has been secretly nerding it up since school, when he started designing Mac BBS interfaces in the mid 90’s, and websites soon after. With a passion for design, some brief formal print design training and a decade of learning new things about the web, he has built sites of all shapes and sizes for clients all over the world. ExpressionEngine has been his weapon of choice since 2004, but he is now refocusing on exciting, new, data-driven ways of doing design, with a book and new business focused on software marketing sites in the works. He’s pretty sure that testing is the future of web design.

Follow Luke on Twitter: @lukestevens

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