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Future Perfect Tense – video presentation by Relly Annet-Baker

Bad news: there will never be the perfect time to form that web steering committee, charged with tackling your company’s website needs for the future. Besides, the future is already here. You are smack bang in the middle of a multifaceted revolution. A multiplatform, multiscreen, multidevice multi-mess. And you are equipped with … a CMS with a WYSIWYG interface. Oh. You might need some help tackling that problem I just pointed out.
Good news: That’s what I’m here for! Find out how to adapt your content workflow to meet the demands already at your door, and those you don’t even know about yet, to create truly flexible content. Understand how to feed and care for content creators to help them create the very best they can. And learn why you have actually been inviting a gelatinous blob to your board meetings.