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David Gravina – Design thinking and doing

Web Directions South 2010, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, October 14 11.45am.

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Many web professionals practice creative, collaborative and inclusive approaches to our work. As UX designers, information architects, strategists, or programmers — we are all designers, and we are ready equipped with a way of problem solving that can be applied to challenges that are not tradi­tionally those of web practitioners.

From the perspective of the digital domain this session will take a look at what Design Thinking is and it’s potential to amplify creativity so that we may embrace and apply our skills to the messy problems that business, government and society face every day.

About David Gravina

David Gravina PortraitDavid Gravina is the company principal and founder of Digital Eskimo, a design consultancy that applies the transformational power of design and technology to issues of social and environmental change. He is a founding member of greenUps, the Sydney green networking group, a director of the live local Foundation and was co-​​founder of the ‘Raise the Bar’ campaign which, as a former Melbourne boy, he’s pleased to say is slowly bringing Melbourne style small bars to Sydney.

Follow David on Twitter: @Deskimo

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