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Keynote: Kelly Goto – Designing for Lifestyle

  • Everyone’s talking about the internet, what’s working, not working for them.
  • Different cultural implications of technology – very different whilst very ‘the same’
  • “two years ahead, ten steps ahead” – what will we have to work with in 2 years from now?
  • Designing for lifestyle is where we really are – dive deeply into immersive experience

Demo of Second Life

  • ppl using to network, business meetings in second life
  • virtual conferences are the next step
  • Approx 740,000 ppl in second life at the moment
  • important for sense of comfort, sense of home, even in VR world
  • use it integrate life currently and network individuals around the world. Introduce avatars of self
  • Global Avatar should follow – flcikr, second life, etc. All one ID.


  • Business looking at innovation – cultural change in big business.
    manifesting a culture that embraces innovation
    “we listen to what customers didn’t say, and observed what they did” – Jock Troung, VP of 3M Supply Division
  • Ethanography – about hanging out w/ ppl, waiting for that “AHA!” moment.
    Example: “CHECK ENGINE” light – we’ve been trained to ignore some signs. Check Engine = where we are currently.
  • Human – Human communication and Machine to Machine communication is smooth and easy. We have that down.
    Human to machine and Machine to Human are where the troubles remain
  • Web2.0’s interaction revolution – “Trying to get our machines to be more human, every single day”
  • Demo Eliza; discuss turing test.
    Chat bots etc, often used for live help.
    Changing back to natural language; machines speaking ‘human’
  • Lifestyle focused companies – TiVo, Google, jetBlue, Apple :: big, friendly, people love the interfaces. Excelled by creating friendly, human interfaces and interaction processes
  • “Friendly 2.0” Machines should talk to us like they’re real; make us more comfortable. Causes spread of word through positive experience.
  • “Google Just Works”
  • Google develop a culture around innovation. Pride themselves on brilliant ppl, allowed freedom to “do what they want to do” – 1 day per week innovation time has become legendary in the industry.
  • IPOD: personality lifestyle driven – not just a mobile device
  • Fluid user experience. Ubiquitus control over the devices in our daily lives.
  • Practical vs. Emotional – how can you design an appro. Exp.
  • some mobile devices are expensive and hard to use, but because aesthetically pleasing, we use it every day; develop Emotional attachment to it
  • Emotional connections cause dedication; potentially addiction
  • getting information off internet like trying to sip from firehose
  • Practical – convenient, learnable, cost effective. Functional; meets needs; trustworthy.
  • Emotional – intuitive, customized, unique,, aesthetic, Meets desires, Compelling – leads to addictive behaviour. Kelly trying to understand what leads to addictive behaviour? myspace, flickr, second life… all proven addictive.
  • Companies in silicon valley trying to create addictive behaviour. Ritual != addiction
    Ritual most important thing you can create for cutomers, employees etc.
    Can’t create addiction, can create ritual

Mobile (r)evolution

  • 116billion US per year mobile devices 88% goes to carrier, rest into data/content providers
  • nterviews revealed no longer only early adopters watching mobile TV.
  • opportunities for billions of dollars from mobile market; mobile infiltration quit high approx 70-80% US
  • Lifestyle design is important – huge open window; coming quickly
    – most popular phones in Europe very different from most popular in US – different UI’s etc.
  • “2.0 is cute” – 2.0 is about not freaking us out with the technology – friendly
  • More servies integrated into our lives, our pref’s – exciting when it works, keep trying when it doesn’t
  • Transfer great online exp to mobile
  • Content – create an experience out of your content; not just pile it on and hope for the best
  • location based services ie – not everyone wants that level of info available about them
  • lots of interest in location based services; GMaps being a posterchild of the web2.0 experience
  • “mobile phones are the new cool”
  • south korea is largest mobile device market.

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