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First ever Web Directions Tee Shirts

The last couple of years, the number one request has been for conference tee shirts. So we are excited to announce the Web Directions Tee Shirts, featuring our new logo, designed by guru and web superstar, Dave “CSS Zen Garden” Shea, available online now.

Web Directions tee shirts front and back

You can of course get a straightforward web directions tee shirt (in a range of long and short sleeve styles), but in the spirit of “user generated content” you can also customise it, with your own Web 2.0 inspired slogan, and we’ll be awarding prizes to the slogans which make us smile or even laugh the most.

The shirts are available through the Remo General Store, and come with free delivery. All you need to do is head over to to the Remo General Store where it’s all explained. Remo will deliver your shirt free of charge, ready to wear to WD06!

Prizes for making us laugh at the overhyped “web 2.0” concept include a SONY Mylo, as well as Remo dollars, and other cool stuff.

Tee shirts are just $AUD38.50 (in GST), long sleeve $44, and singlets (hey, it’s warm here in Sydney) $36.30, including your customized slogan in a very Web 2.0 font, and delivery to your door.

Hope you enjoy, and looking forward to your cool slogans on show.

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