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What Do You Know, Sydney 22–the Wrap

Last night we held our first in-person event in 1070 days.

The elements did not conspire to make it any easier for us–absolutely torrential rain (in the city of Sydney itself nearly 10cm over a 24 hour period) with flooding stopping some trains on the rail network (stranding two of our speakers)–but nevertheless a healthy crowd, many long time attendees and friends of Web Directions, but a whole bunch new folks as well, made their way to Mr B’s Hotel, where in place of the usual weekend EDM club night we held What Do You Know?

Ginny Weiss showed us why Accessible Content Matters, and how even today in 2022, relatively small steps can have a huge impact on how accessible your content is.

Steve Harrison gave us an Introduction to Temporal–a new Date/TIME API for JavaScript, and a boon for any JS developers who work with dates and time.

Ron Au showed us that Web Development Isn’t Supposed to be Complicated

Vedvrat Sharma detailed Remote ways of working he has been developing with his team from Linktree all over the world.

Oli Wolff shared his experience ongoing from a huge product team to being a Product Management team of 1

Dinesh Pandiyan showed us how to do Rapid iteration with schema driven development (View)

And finally, and very entertainingly, Yasmine Archibald asked “Was this a terrible terrible mistake?”

Thanks to all those who braved the terrible weather, and our wonderful speakers, so fantastic to gather in person again after so long!

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