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Web Directions Summit returns in 2022!

remember in-person events? World class speakers? the buzz of connecting with like-minded folks in our industry (and perhaps one too many amazing coffees?)

Well, we do, and that’s why we are ridiculously excited to announce that Web Directions Summit will be returning for 2022, in Sydney December 1 and 2.

And not only returning–we’ll be back be bigger and better than ever. How so? Well, alongside our traditional ProductDesign and Engineering tracks, we have 3 brand new tracks!

1. The React Ecosystem track

React and its ecosystem play a significant role in much of Web App development, so we felt it was time to bring Web Direction’s independent, in-depth approach to React, Next.js, TypeScript, Webpack, Remix and more. 

2.  Content Strategy and Design

Far too often overlooked, content is an integral part of all user experiences. So for 2022 we’re introducing a content design and strategy focussed track, curated by two of the industry’s most experienced leaders.

3. Junior Developer Track

There’s an insatiable demand for talent in our industry, particularly for engineers. Meanwhile the profession is more complex than ever. So we’re bringing together a junior developer focussed track, to help those newer to our industry chart their course, and develop their capabilities.

In short

2 Days, 6 Tracks, 80+ presentations, a fabulous reception, and more.

Alongside Code Leaders

But that’s not all. For some years now we’ve been hosting Code Leaders, focussed on senior engineering professionals. In 2022, this will run the day before our Summit, November 30th.

Amazing Curators

Each track is curated by real world experts, and features a mix of invited experts and proposals (so if you’re keen, start getting your proposals ready, CFPs are open now).

We’ll be announcing the curators for our tracks early in 2022.

There’s too much stuff, how will I ever choose?

The best news is you don’t have to–every presentation in every track will be recorded, edited, transcribed and more, and available to every attendee as part of your ticket.

What about the other in-person Web Directions events, like Code and Product?

We’ve thought long and hard about what events to host in-person in 2022. We’re continuing to run our online conferences, 6 front end focussed events in total across the year. So we’ve decided we’ll focus all our energy on Summit in 2022 when it comes to in-person events, to make it the best possible event.

And of course Summit encompasses all the topics we cover in Code and Product, so there is something for everyone who has attended our events in the past.

Super Early Bird tickets are on sale now

Tickets are on sale now, so if you’ve got some training budget left over from this year, get the very best possible price!

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Three days of talks, two of them in the engineering room. Web Directions you have broken my brain.

Cheryl Gledhill Product Manager, BlueChilli