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Web Directions Lazy Load ’22 session spotlight–What the heck is Edge Computing anyway?

What the heck is Edge Computing anyway?

The Edge is the new frontier of computing possibilities, offering promises, opportunities, and it’s own set of challenges. In this talk, we’ll break down what it is, why it’s awesome, and how it fits into your application architecture.

We’ll cover things like:

  • What are the benefits
  • What are the limitations
  • When it makes sense
  • When it doesn’t make sense
  • How to get started

Austin Gil

Austin helps organizations create fast, secure, accessible websites.

In his free time he writes articles, creates open-source projects, live streams, and hangs out with his darn cute pup named Nugget.

What the heck is Edge Computing anyway? Austin Gil Developer Advocate & Chiweenie Enthusiast Akamai Web Directions lazy load 2022 all about web performance

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