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Web Directions Lazy Load ’22 session spotlight–WebPerf mistakes and how to fix them

WebPerf mistakes and how to fix them

Web performance is a complicated topic, but over the years it’s become easier to articulate thanks to incredible advancements in performance features, their adoption in the browser ecosystem and tools that test and give insight into which techniques might speed up your site.

However, all too often a feature is implemented incorrectly, resulting in a lost opportunity for performance improvement. During this talk I’d like to explore a few common web performance techniques–some that you are likely already familiar with. We’ll dive into HTTP Archive data to find some examples of sites that are using them incorrectly, and explore the impact and potential benefits of fixing them.

Paul Calvano

Paul Calvano is a Web Performance Architect at Etsy.
He’s also a co-maintainer of the HTTP Archive, a really cool open source project that has been tracking the evolution of the web since 2010, and author of various chapters of the Web Almanac.

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