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Web Directions Lazy Load ’22 session spotlight–Powered by sharp

Powered by sharp

What influence could a 200 year old Rococo-era painting possibly have on modern day image processing for the web?

From the history of art, through the worlds of fashion, sustainability and security, this talk details the story of sharp as it made its way into many of the popular JavaScript frameworks we use today.

Lovell Fuller

Lovell is a freelance software developer, coding since the 1990s and still learning, with experience across a wide range of industries and countries.

He lives in London with his wife and children, who still occasionally let him do a bit of DJing.

His interest in web performance is partly a desire to reduce energy consumption. Make things fast so we can do less, not more.

Powered by sharp Lovell Fuller Internet technologist Web Directions lazy load 2022 all about weh performance

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