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Web Directions Global Scope ’21 session spotlight–Record & Tuple: immutable data structures in JS

Record & Tuple: immutable data structures in JS

Robin Ricard, JavaScript Infrastructure Engineer & TC39 Delegate Bloomberg

At Global Scope, our brand new 100% JavaScript focused conference, we’ll hear about two new data structures, Record & Tuple.

Record & Tuple is a proposed feature for JavaScript that aims to introduce new immutable value types. Records are immutable key/value structures and Tuples are immutable sequences of data. In this talk, Robin Ricard, a champion of the proposal will introduce the feature, show how it can be used, and explain how it came to be designed that way.

About Robin Ricard

Robin joined Bloomberg in 2017 and has worked on the Bloomberg Terminal’s software infrastructure since then. He first worked on internal tools for Bloomberg’s developers, then worked on the UI infrastructure behind the Terminal, and most recently is working on JavaScript performance and build infrastructure. Along the way, Robin started working on Record & Tuple, a new proposed feature for JavaScript, and joined the Bloomberg TC39 delegates to champion the feature.

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