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Web Directions Global Scope ’21 session spotlight–Principles of Just-In-Time compilers.

Principles of Just-In-Time compilers.

Nicolas B. Pierron, Senior Software Engineer Mozilla

JavaScript gets faster as it executes! Just-In-Time (JIT) compilers are used in all major JavaScript engines to improve the speed, but how do they work? By understanding the principles of JIT compilation, web developers have the opportunity to optimize their code.

We’ll learn all about it as Global Scope, our brand new 100% JavaScript focussed conference.

About Nicolas B. Pierron

Nicolas B. Pierron is a compiler engineer at Mozilla since 2011. He joined Mozilla to work on the optimizing JIT compiler of SpiderMonkey. Since, he has worked on a large spectrum of tasks such as Range Analysis, Branch Pruning, Recover Instructions, Code Coverage, Macro Assembler, ARM64, Specter issues and Bytecode caching.
Apart from Mozilla, you might know Nicolas from the NixOS operating system, where he implemented the Module system and Overlays.

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