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Web Directions Global Scope ’22 session spotlight–Towards a stdlib for JavaScript Runtimes

Towards a stdlib for JavaScript Runtimes

JavaScript is everywhere. There are JavaScript runtimes on the client, on the server, and at various locations between, and while TC-39 has provided us with a number of powerful built-in language features, modern applications on the Web require much more than just what the language gives us. The collection of Web Platform APIs that have been developed is continually growing, most of which only apply to the narrow sets of use cases in certain types of browser-based applications. But there is a subset of Web Platform APIs that are becoming ubiquitous across every JavaScript runtime. In this talk, I will introduce the JavaScript stdlib and the ongoing efforts to define it.

James Snell

James is a core contributor to both Node.js and the Cloudflare Workers runtime. He is on the Node.js Technical Steering Committee, has authored or contributed to a number of standards, and is working to drive the adoption of standard APIs across multiple JavaScript runtime environments.

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