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Web Directions Global Scope ’22 session spotlight–JavaScript Surprises

JavaScript Surprises

The speed and consistency at which the JavaScript language has evolved over the past years is tremendous. While in the past it was used primarily on the client side, it has taken a very important and respected place in the world of building services and server-side tools. JavaScript has evolved to a point where it is not only possible to create faster applications but also to run servers within browsers.

In this overview of her JavaScript Chapter in the 2021 Web Almanac, Nishu Goel dives deeply into HTTPArchive data on just how JavaScript is used in the real world.

Nishu Goel

Nishu Goel works with epilot GmbH on their micro-frontend architecture. She writes TypeScript and Golang at work with her focus on the performance aspects of the existing and upcoming codebases. She is the author of the book Angular Routing (BPB, 2019) and JavaScript chapter (Web Almanac, 2021). Recognised as a Google Developer Expert, and a Microsoft MVP, she loves to share her work at

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