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Web Directions AI–an ’emergency’ conference

I’ve been doing technology stuff for well over 40 years. As a hobbyist, a student and then professionally for a long time now. I’ve seen many fads and trends (and a few things that have been the real deal) come and go. 

As a teenager I saw the emergence of micro-computing (that’s what they’re called before we called them PCs). A little later, the Mac and desktop publishing. The early Web, and then so much that has happened in the years since.

Trust me, nothing since the web of the 1990s has filled me with the sense of excitement, and promise as I (and clearly many people) feel about generative AI today.

Lenin is often quoted as saying “there are decades in which nothing happens, and then weeks in which decades happen”.

So indulge an old-timer. It may sound like hype, or that I’m swept up in some collective hallucination, but I honestly feel we are living through those week right now. Nothing, not the iPhone, not AR/VR (even in the wake of Apple’s recent Vision Pro reveal) or god forbid blockchain and crypto currencies have filled me with a fraction of what I’m feeling right now.

The opportunity to embrace a still nascent set of technologies and explore what they enable is now. A great deal will be transformed, indeed it already is being. But don’t look back a few years from now and wish you’d paid a little more attention in these formative moments.

Something we’ve never done before

So, we’ve done something we’ve never done before–put together an ’emergency’ conference in just a few weeks focussed on this whole area. We felt that was that important.

The program is more or less finalised, so you can check out what we’ll be covering at the Web Directions AI website.

What’s the point?

It’s not just about the hype–as with everything we’ve done over nearly 20 years, there’s real substance to what we have planned. Web Directions AI will help you

  • better understand the technologies and products relevant to your use cases, role and industries
  • develop a roadmap for adopting generative AI in your roles and organisations
  • avoid the hype and hone in on what is achievable and valuable today and the near future

You’ll come away with a much clearer understanding of the technologies and how they work, the sort of practical applications folks at a broad range of organisations are putting these technologies to right now. This won’t be hand-waving from self appointed experts and influencers (it’ll be a🧵-free zone), but folks with often many years of experience, in research and in the applications of these technologies sharing their experience.

Can you afford to miss AI?

To make it as easy as possible for as many folks to attend, we’ve priced AI from just $395 (and if you register a gold or silver ticket for Web Directions Summit by June 30, we’ll throw in a free ticket to AI!)
So don’t miss out on what will be an incredibly inspiring, and educational event. 

We’ll also be showcasing local startups and research to inspire you, and perhaps help you find solutions to the problems you’re looking to solve.

What’s on the program?

Our carefully curated program of talks, conversations and case studies is available now–one day absolutely full to the brim with ideas, inspiration, conversation and connection

An unbelievable offer for you–only until June 30

It’s already ridiculous value but here’s something even better. Register a Gold Ticket (that’s Summit + our Code Leaders event) or Silver Ticket (Summit + Conffab access for a year) and you’ll also get an in-person pass to Web Directions AI, taking place in Sydney July 21st

At no extra cost! What?!? But only by June 30 

If you haven’t worked out I’m excited by now, well, I’m not sure what I can do–but I hope you too are excited and to see you at Web Directions AI!

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I’ve been admiring the Web Directions events for years, and was honored to be part… What a fantastic event!

Ethan Marcotte Inventor of 'Responsive Web Design'