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Video of the Week– The Untold Benefits of Ethical Design: Holger Bartel

I’ve spoken and written frequently, and at length, about what I and many others see as the crisis facing what we call “the tech industry” (but as ‘software eats the world’ is really every industry). We’re waking up to the negative second order effects of the things we have been designing and building, often with the naive belief that technology is neutral, or inherently for the better.

Ethics need to be at the core of everything we build. We have to consider our impact and rethink how to build digital products. This way we will not only build more responsible products, but gain additional benefits in the areas of performance, security, privacy and user happiness.

This talk from Holger Bartel at Summit ’18 explored how to truly care about users & improve the user experience at the same time. It was a technical inspiration, questioned the status quo and will hopefully help us build for a better web.

If these challenges interest you, start planning your trip to Design ’19, our product design conference, in Melbourne, April 11 & 12.

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Thoroughly enjoyed Web Directions — met some great people, heard some inspiring presenters and added a whole bunch of things to my to-do list.

Joel Roberts Web Developer