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The impact of Generative AI at Web Directions Summit

Generative AI: we believe no-one on the product team can ignore this right now–Devs, content people, product managers, UX designers, growth team.

So here’s how we’ll help you get up to speed, cut through the crap, and sort out what you need to do next.

These 10 Web Directions Summit sessions (amongst dozens of other awesome presentations for the whole product team) are the perfect place to start.

⚡️When and How to Build Machine Learning into Your Product | Karla Belista
⚡️WebML: State of Machine Learning for Frontend Developers | Shivay Lamba
⚡️Conversational AI Has a Massive, UX-Shaped Hole – Peter Isaacs
⚡️Bringing AI Magic to Canva | Ivy Hornibrook
⚡️The Expanding Dark Forest and Generative AI | Maggie Appleton
⚡️The Mediated Web | Rupert Manfredi
⚡️Using AI for Test Driven Design – Kelly Benson
⚡️Best Practice AI Explainability for Content Strategists | Emily Meller & Aden Rolfe
⚡️Experimenting with AI at the ABC – Anna Dixon
⚡️Design + AI = Good or Bad? – MC Monsalve

Here’s our bet: AI will change the trajectory of your career and our industry. Will you be out in front of that wave?

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