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Spotlight on Accessibility at Summit ’22

Right from the very beginning, Web Directions conferences have featured any sessions on accessibility. And we’ve even started a whole online conference, AAA, focussed on the topic.

So, of course, accessibility features significantly on the Web Directions Summit program, and not just on the developer focussed tracks–after all, accessibility isn’t simply an engineering challenge to be solved.

Branding for accessibility: an inclusive approach to identity

Kate Linton leads the Thoughtworks global design community. In the design track at Summit she’ll share how her team approached the redesign of Thoughtworks to achieve accessibility and usability across all their digital channels.

Mobile Accessibility

Gian Wild is a renowned accessibility expert, who has worked in the field, indeed helped shaped it, since 1998. At Summit she’ll dive deep into developing, and testing, for accessibility with mobile, wearable, apps and devices.

Making Content Creation Tools Accessible

So many web sires and apps are in one way or another these days content creation tools–from simple comments, through to complex text, image and video editing tools. Just as a focus on accessibility is important for content consumption, so it is for any kind of content creation.

At Summit, Julie Grundy will walk you through an accessibility features list to help refine your requirements and prioritise your backlog.

Building organisational WCAG maturity through accessibility audits

We all know, or at least profess, that accessibility is not something you add on at the end of the design and development process, and at least should be everyone’s responsibility. But let’s say, like many in enterprise, or government, or education, you have a large number of sites and platforms, and a significant amount of content. Where do you start in bringing your accessibility up to scratch?

At Summit, Danielle Johnson tells us how at Deakin University they conducted a multi-platform accessibility audit across 16 of our content platforms and use the results to identify, implement and advocate for improvements, and the lessons they learned along the way.

A11y All the Things

Also on the product track, Amanda Mace will consider how accessibility fits into each step of the lifecycle of a digital product.

OZEWAI at Web Directions Summit

But it’s not just in the conference program, OZEWAI, the long long running Australian Digital Accessibility initiative are partners for Summit 2022. Experts in all aspects of Digital accessibility will be on hand to chat to, and there’ll be showcases of assistive technologies for you to get familiar with.

Careers in Accessibility

OZEWAI will also be hosting an evening event as part of the conference, exploring the career opportunities in accessibility (and there are many!)

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