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Front end developers have probably long been a little guilty of thinking about security as essentially “back end” problem. And many of the most significant issues we’ve seen with recent security breaches are definitely issues on the back end.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not a front end responsibility as well. So at Code, we’ve got a strong focus on security for front end developers.

  • Kaif Ahsan, product security engineer at Atlassian will look at Modern-day client side security, exploring various techniques and examples of exploiting modern web applications built with technologies like React and Angular. Through practical examples, code samples and much more, we’ll learn how these attacks happen and their impact. And, we’ll explore various best practices to tackle these vulnerabilities and build secure web apps.
  • James Cave & Chris Lienert consider what happens when you get hacked? They’ll go through different scenarios and discuss what you can do about it when the seemingly inevitable happens.
  • Security isn’t just a technical issue–it’s a user experience issue as well. And at the heart of that frequently problematic) user experience is the age old solution to authentication–passwords. But there’s a better way: passkeys. Passkeys are here to make our digital lives easier and more secure–they cannot be reused, don’t leak in server breaches, and protect users from phishing attacks as Milica Mihajlija will show us.

These, alongside over 2 dozen presentations on JavaScript CSS, web platform APIs, performance, and front end architecture make for an unmissable event, covering everything you need to stay current as a front end engineer.

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