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Sara Soueidan is our Access All Areas convenor

A few weeks back we announced a brand new conference, Access All Areas, designed for front end developers.

It’s all about delivering accessibility as developers –understanding the kinds of accessibility issues our code might create, the tools for assessing these, and the technologies and techniques for addressing them.

Sara Soueidan

Curated by Sara Soueidan

We’re incredibly excited, and privileged to have Sara Soueidan as our convenor, putting together the program for this inaugural edition (as well as speaking herself).

If you don’t know Sara, she’s a Web UI and design systems engineer, who helps companies and organizations build modern, resilient, and inclusive Web user interfaces and design systems, with a strong focus on responsive design, performance, and accessibility.

She’s renowned as a speaker and educator.

When and Where?

It’s taking place October 25th and November 9th, with our remote-friendly format–two half days, on successive Fridays. And each session is delivered 3 times, to suit you wherever you are in the world.

Keen to speak?

The CFP is still open until August 13th, so if you’re keen to share your expertise with fellow front end developers, we’d love to hear from you.

All the details are here on the conference site. But keys for us with our online conferences are focus and depth. So think less about a broad area, and more about a very specific focussed topic you cover in depth, that helps fellow front end devs address challenges when it comes to the accessibility of their sites and applications. Less “everything you need to know about ARIA” and more “ARIA Live Regions for accessible Web Applications”.

We’re always happy to chat with folks to help sharpen their ideas as well, so just drop us a line.

In 2021 we have a whole series of events for Front End Developers

Across 2021 Web Directions is presenting a series of online conferences for front end designers and developers. Focussed deep dives, they go far beyond what you might expect from conference programs.

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Across the year we have 3 remaining conferences (Hover our CSS conference took place in April, Lazy Load focussed on performance in June and Global Scope our JavaScript conference in August), focussing on Progressive Web Apps, Accessibility, and Security, privacy and identity.

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Priced individually from $195, or attend all 6, plus get access to our conference presentation platform Conffab for just $595, or $59 a month.

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Three days of talks, two of them in the engineering room. Web Directions you have broken my brain.

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