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Reminder – Early bird pricing for Melbourne and Canberra runs out April 11

We know it can take forever to get those approvals to go through, but don’t forget that to take advantage of the early bird price of just $495 for Web Directions Government or Web Directions User Experience, you need to get that registration in by Friday April 11. It’s ok to make payment after that date, but your registration has to be in before, as there is no stopping those magic robots who add on the extra $100 at midnight.

We’re really excited about taking the Web Directions show on the road here in Australia – doing this was overdue to be sure. We’ve got some really fun venues, something I think we’d never quite got right here in Sydney. Not for lack of trying: some years back I remember looking into using The Studio and The Playhouse at the Sydney Opera House, but sadly they’re not available for events like this anymore.

So it was refreshing to start looking around at spaces in Melbourne and Canberra. Maybe it’s not as exciting for locals, but we think it’s somewhat grand to be able to use the Member’s Dining Rooms at the Old Parliament House for Web Directions Government. And then in Melbourne we’re going old skool as well, with Melbourne Town Hall. Both of them are in great locations, with the right sort of room configurations and pricing, and then with an added touch of “interestingness” that I just don’t think we have at Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. Looking forward to being there!

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