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(re)introducing Web Directions AI

TL;DR; Today we’re announcing Web Directions AI

A 1 day event focussing exploring the technologies, opportunities & impact of generative AI, taking place in Sydney, July 21st. 
It’s amazing value already (early bird tickets are just $395), but if you get a gold or silver ticket for Web Directions Summit by June 30th we’ll give you a free ticket to AI!

Why Web Directions AI?

Artificial intelligence has had its moments in the sun, and long cold winters, almost since its inception well over 50 years ago.

But for those of us who’ve been around the block a few times (I studied Computer Science in the 1980s in no small part due to a teenage fascination with AI), something really seemed to have changed in the last twelve months, with the introduction of image generating AI like Stable Diffusion, DALL*E and Mid Journey, and then really changed with the release of ChatGPT, and now GPT4 in the last 6 months.

We believe, just as with the Web over a quarter of a century ago, generative AI and large language models represent an enormous, transformative opportunity, as well as serious challenges we need to consider and address.

These challenges and opportunities will be across the board– in industry, education, government–and across all areas of professional practice–engineering, business, marketing, design, creative industries.

In 2017 and 2018 we held Web Directions AI, a conference focussed on the challenges and opportunities the then far less developed technologies we called AI were starting to present.

(re) Introducing Web Directions AI

And with the explosion in generative AI in the last year, we’ve decided to re-animate that event with a brand new Web Directions AI taking place in Sydney on July 21st.

The format and focus will a little different than most of our events. Less presentation driven, and more about ideas, conversation and connection. We’ll showcase the research being done and technologies being developed here in Australia and connect folks across business, creative industries, engineering and research.

If you think generative AI is, or will be in any way important in your business or professional practice (and it already is), honestly, don’t miss this event.

Keen to speak?

Are you using generative AI as a designer, developer, writer? In your business or elsewhere? We’d love you to share your experiences and lessons you’ve learned. It’s early days, so you might have more to share than you think! The format for the day will include short presentations and on-stage conversations.

Showcase your startup

Are you a startup working in the space, particularly developing tools, platforms and and technologies others can use to better take advantage of AI? We’d love to showcase your work (at no cost to you!). Let us know about your startup and we’ll showcase as many as we can.

Showcase your research

Are you a researcher in the generative AI space? Would your work be of interest to our audience? We’d love to showcase your research (again at no cost to you!). Let us know what you’re working on and we aim to showcase as many as possible.

Ridiculous Value (you can even attend free if you grab a Web Directions Summit ticket before June 30!)

Early bird pricing is already ridiculous value, at just $395, but you get a free ticket if you register for a Gold or Silver Ticket for Web Directions Summit before June 30.

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Out of any conference, Web Directions is far and away our favourite

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