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With the launch last night of, we now have our very own edition of TheyWorkForYou, thanks to the hard work of a group of local volunteers, plus the good people of mySociety, who build the technology on which the system is based.

OpenAustralia combines Hansard (the official record of Australian parliamentary debates – effectively a transcript of the proceedings of the parliament), with information about our members of parliament, making it much easier to:

  • follow a particular debate or theme – eg, climate change
  • keep an eye on what your local member is saying and doing
  • comment on and debate the issues yourself with other members of the site

Would be great to see a site like this take on something of the energy of Whirlpool for example. That would get them sitting up and listening. Would also be nice to see a project like this get a bit of support from mainstream Australian media. Will we ever see the day where a newspaper urges its readers to “Follow this story at OpenAustralia”?

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Thanks for an amazing few days Web Directions. So many great themes of empathy, inclusion, collaboration, business impact through design, and keeping our future deeply human.

Laura van Doore Head of Product Design, Fathom