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James Bridle – Web Directions South 2010 interview

Over the next couple of weeks we shall tackle the hot issue of e-book and e-publishing. We begin with interviewing Web Directions South 2010 British speaker James Bridle, following it up next week with San Franciso based Craig Mod’s slightly different take on this very intriguing topic…
Title: E-Books
By: James Bridle
Fave Quote: ‘Book is a post digital product’
Summary: This interview concentrates on the fascinating concepts of memory, time and experience – similarities shared by both physical and e-books.

Table of contents:

  • Books beyond artifacts…0:22
  • Books as digital souvenirs…2:26
  • Walking through Wikipedia…4:20

Footnote: James really admires the ultimate Cyberpunk William Gibson as well as another WD speaker Craig Mod, whose views on e-books will be uploaded next week.
Appendix: Check out James’ entire presentation here.

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