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3rd Annual State of Web Development Survey

We’ve just launched our third State of Web Development Survey, where we ask web practitioners, designers and developers, what technologies and practices they currently use.
This year, the survey has undergone quite an overhaul, with an additonal focus on HTML5 and application development, alongside our focus on web page and site design and development.

If you have a few minutes spare to participate, we’d love to hear your thoughts, and we also have some great prizes, including Samsung Galaxy S smartphones, and tickets to Web Directions conferences to give away, and there’s also a very nice discount to our upcoming Unplugged HTML5 focussed conference in Seattle for anyone who participates!

Thanks in advance for your participation, and like previous surveys, all (anonymized) results will be published in full, and we’ll also provide our own analysis, and comparison with previous years. So over lunch, a cup of tea or coffee or indeed a beer or glass of wine, sit back, and let us know about the State of Web Development in 2011.

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I had an absolute blast, learnt so much, and met so many great people

Carmen Chung Software engineer, Valiant Finance