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Our 2023 Summit Keynotes

🙈 As builders of digital products it’s easy to forget the impact of your work.

It’s the little things, like the lazy, sloppy interface choices on a banking app that make a user’s day just that little bit more annoying.

😭 And it’s the big things – grab the tissues and check the latest Apple Watch ad for an example.

But when you’re stuck in the grind of yet another project meeting, or toiling away on a seemingly intractable code bug, it’s easy to lose site of the Big Picture that you’re a part of.

📣 The four Web Directions Summit keynotes are always a reminder that we live in intriguing and times, and this year is no exception.

We’re incredibly proud to bring the whole product team together at the beginning and end of each day to hear from:

😬 Rupert Manfredi – The Mediated Web

Ok, fasten your seatbelts, as we’re in for a bit of a bumpy ride with the Opening Keynote on Day 1.
Rupert believes that the web will soon be mediated by agents, not just rendered by web browsers. Every user will have their own AI interpreting information for them, and executing tasks on their behalf.

🌲 Maggie Appleton – The Expanding Dark Forest and Generative AI

The volume of mundane, low-quality, and uninspired content published to the web is about to explode. How will we find original insights under this pile of cruft? 
Expect some thought provoking conversations after Maggie’s talk, which segues into the Happy Hour (And a Half).

🚂 Mark Pesce – Steam Engine Time

Mark is a genuine Web Directions legend. 
He believes that Generative AI isn’t the biggest thing since the Web – it’s the cognitive equivalent of the steam engine, multiplying human intelligence just as the steam engine multiplied human (and animal) muscle power.
Forget Hammer Time, this is Steam Engine time.

🔭 Tea Uglow 🏳️‍⚧️ – All the Things That Seem to Matter

I know what you’re thinking. It’s a Friday afternoon in October, I’m at a conference, I’m gonna skip out early. Do. Not. Do. This.
Tea founded Creative Labs for Google in Sydney, and in London, and became globally known for work focused on projects with cultural organisations that enabled artists, writers, dancers and other cultural practitioners to digitally augment or interpret their work.
She’s a Creative Technologist’s Creative Technologist. Her predictions about the future of the internet will be a mind blowing closer for a mind blowing couple of days.


We are, and hope you are too–so grab a ticket and expand your mind and opportunities.

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Phil Whitehouse General Manager, DT Sydney