Shaila Man

Neurodiversity: A Paradigm Shift from the Silent Disability to the Super Power

Shaila Man Culture Amp Lead Technical TA & People Geek

Software engineer turned software engineer recruiter with Culture Amp. Single mother of three teenager daughters, a Weimaraner, a Ragdoll, and a very pathetic looking basil plant. Huge advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion, especially in the tech sector. Director of MusesCodeJS, which is a not-for-profit helping women and non-binary across Australia enter into engineering careers. ADHD and ASD positive, and will not stop talking about it! ...and finally known for having a keen interest in breeding rare breed chickens!

Neurodiversity: A Paradigm Shift from the Silent Disability to the Super Power

What is Neurodiversity? - and what is it not? Let's remove the stigma and embrace the benefits of thinking different! Let's look at the evolutionary theory behind neurodiversity and why teams benefit by actively including and nurturing neurodiversity.

What does hiring look like if you want to be inclusive? What does a supportive environment consist of? How do you unlock super powers that might currently be suppressed by having to conform to neurotypical expectations? Are you aware of the daily struggles due to workplaces and processes being kitted out for neurotypical employees? eg. Are you aware of and meeting employee needs? - from office lighting to social events, from verbal cues to task paralysis? The chances are, if they are female - they might not be aware of their own needs! Did you know that the average age for ADHD diagnosis for anyone born male is single digits, and goes up to 45 for anyone born female!

We need to talk more openly, we need to educate ourselves, and we need to hard-shove the paradigm from silent disability to proud positive super power.

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