Mel Flanagan

Designing for positive social and environmental impact

Mel Flanagan Founder Nook Studios

Nook Studios is a social enterprise and a company of researchers, designers, and civic technologists.

Mel is a storyteller and designer of useful things. She's worked as a theatre and film maker, built and nurtured teams, designed workflow and collaboration tools for movie studios, ran a design hotel and writers and artist residency, made revolutionary content and digital information services, and supports the zero waste movement and social enterprises.

Mel is also a transparency, social justice, and open government advocate. She is a pioneer in designing content and data services to help communities access the information they need about government decision making, natural resource, mining, oil, gas, and infrastructure projects. She introduced participatory design and an agile way of working to the NSW Government in 2012 when making the revolutionary mobile web app Common Ground. Nook creates process pathways to help everyone understand and navigate legislation, regulation, and make sure communities are meaningfully engaged - and is designing products to help everyone be open.

Designing for positive social and environmental impact

What does it take to design a better, fairer future? Mel will open your design mind, introduce you to global movements, and ways we can all get involved in making the world a better place.

Weaving content, design, and technology - Mel will share some of Nook's civic tech projects and the story behind Making Open, Nook's content design kit for people in communities, government, and businesses who want to make positive changes happen - made with the participation of over 100 advocates.

Making Open is designed to help people simply understand and explain the complex and technical stuff such as the policies, systems, standards, and data that needs to be put in place to make positive environmental and social impact, and good governance possible. It will also be home to a set of interactive storytelling tools to make processes and data accessible for community audiences, and a channel for global changemakers to connect, share designs, and how to stories.

If you care about; alleviating poverty, government integrity, corruption prevention, environmental protection, sustainable development of natural resources, energy transition, and designing systems to make sure people can participate in decisions that affect their communities - then this talk is for you!

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